Comforting, professional doctors, straight forward explanation about treatment, explanation of risks.

By Salman Gul and Nicole Gul

I found the whole experience very positive and professional. The procedure was explained clearly and my husband and I were involved throughout. I feel my son had the best possible care.

I was also very happy with the aftercare. We had a follow up call the day after and I could phone for advice at anytime. This was very reassuring to know the doctors were available and interested in my sons recovery.

I would definitely recommend this service.

My only suggestion to improve the service would be a few photos of what to expect afterwards, what is 'normal'. This would help reassure worried parents dealing with the healing process.

By Donna Hasanbasoglu

Very Good Service, Dr Haider and Dr Qazi filled us with confidence

By Farook Khan and Saima Farook

A very pleasant and professional atmosphere with professional staff providing a valuable service

Mr Saheed Khan and Mrs Naziah Khan

Procedure well explained and done professionally. Excellent service if no complications

Safzatu and Sada

Very good service and a good follow up plan. Good explanation of everything.

Dr S. N. Javaid and Dr K. Z. Khan

I was quite satisfied with the care my baby received and the attention of the doctors in the effort to calm him down. The service here is already perfect and I don’t think there’s any area needing improvement

Mrs Easterbell N. Olakitan

The doctors and receptionist were very nice and we were seen straight away

Thasira Bibi and Jalal Miah

Excellent service and doctors were very professional. Our experience today was first class.

Thomas and Sarah

Everyone was very friendly and we are very happy with the service.

Mr Rohmat Ullah

Our experience was very reassuring. Doctors explained the procedure in detail and we are pleased with the follow up care our child received.

Hazrah Begum and Shah Hussain

Our experience was excellent with doctors providing a high quality service.

S. Hussain and M. Henna


"We are writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We were extremely happy with the manner in which the circumcision of our son was performed, it was professional and reassuring. We were especially pleased with the following up done and the concern shown for our son’s welfare.
We would definitely recommend your service to our friends."
Brett & Vanessa Malila


Very satisfied and happy about the reception, doctors and for the precise explanation

Mukhtar Mirza Baig and Amina Baig


You are doing a fantastic job. Very friendly staff.

Assim Azam and Sadia Asim


"The following e-mail is a commendation based on the circumcision of my son Yaqoob Yunus Ishaaq, I would like to state that I was very much obliged by the flexibility and the availability of your good selves during the appointment and the aftercare.

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks for your professional expertise and in particular your care and consideration for my one year old son when conducting the procedure.

I am ever so grateful for your medical centre in
Leeds as I was prepared to travel to Luton
to have the procedure done which no doubt would have put a lot of strain on my son.

I will be recommending your good selves to other people in the wider community who faced a similar problem to me and I would make sure that home circumcisions become a thing of the past especially after hearing some of the difficulties encountered by people."

Abdur Razzaque


"My beloved son Ayaan had his circumcision by Dr Qazi when he was only 2 weeks old.

I was absolutely delighted with the results and would like to praise Dr Qazi and Dr Haider for the excellent service they offer. Surgery was located centrally with easy access on the main road.

Procedure itself was quick and pain free. The ring fell off after 7 days exactly as told and there was no single complication. After-care guidance was very helpful and friendly. What more? Dr Qazi even called me next day to check on my son’s progress.

Being a doctor myself I found Dr Qazi and Dr Haider very competent. Hand on my heart; I can say I couldn't be happier about the service from start to finish. Highly recommended!!!

Overall 10 out of 10 for the services offered by Dr Haider and Dr Qazi."

Dr. Azaz Khalil


"Our firstborn son Micah was circumcised at 2 weeks which was a frightening prospect for us as new parents. However we're extremely impressed with the plastibell technique performed by Dr Qazi and Dr Haider - we never even gave Micah the prescribed pain-killers as he showed no signs of discomfort. 

This is a complete contrast to religious circumcision procedures we have witnessed in the community. The after-care service is invaluable as we were able to contact the doctors by phone or email with any questions or concerns as they arose. We would definitely use this circumcision service again and would recommend it to others with confidence." 
Miranda Naiman & Vince Magere


"Not related to this service but I wish had this service much nearer to home. Would be good to get an info pack in post as it is often hard to take things in at the time in these circumstances. Despite confidentiality issue, would be more reassuring if we could have called other parents before hand (references) as other places did this.

Our experience today was good. We were well explained by Dr Haider, clean environment, good receptionist, etc. Dr Qazi was good with our son."



Sulayman is really healthy and he is doing fine. The ring has fallen exactly on seventh day of circumcision. My boy is very happy, and we the parents are more happy. I will advice all the parents who need circumcision for their sons to use your service because it is reliable, clean and friendly.

      Thank you very much for good care and concern.

Francky Bjwara


I never thought that circumcision of a newborn baby will be that simple. Putting a baby through a surgical procedure at the age of few days is quite difficult for a new parent, but the service and support I received right from booking an appointment to post-operative care was exemplary. As a parent and a doctor, I trust the expertise and skills of the surgeons and have no hesitation in recommending the service to anyone.
Dr. Jawad Abbasi