Parents requesting  religious and cultural circumcision in the UK is quite common. The National Health Service has  limited provision for religious and cultural circumcisions. This is insufficient to cater for all local needs. It is important for parents to ensure that they contact experienced medical personnel for this procedure.

We use various techniques for circumcision depending upon age of the child. 

Plastibell Technique

The plastibell technique, commonly known as the ring method,is a simple procedure. It can be safely performed by trained medical personnel with an acceptable (low) rate of complications. In this method a plastic ring is put on the tip of penis under the foreskin and a thread is tied tightly over the ring and foreskin. The thread gradually cuts the foreskin and the ring eventually falls off in seven to ten days duration. The most common risk is bleeding in first 24 hours, which can mostly be controlled without requiring any further surgical procedure.

The ring method is also one of the most common techniques used for infant circumcision in the United States.

Dissection Technique

This is also known as sleeve technique. In older children this is the better technique than plastibell circumcision. There is no ring attached and circumcision is complete when you leave after the procedure. This procedure can be performed at any age and has minimal complications. There are many advantages in experienced hands.


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