Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure. It usually takes about 40 minutes for the entire procedure. In the case of plastibell technique, the plastic ring stays on for about seven to ten days and gradually falls off. With the plastibell ring in place, there is no need to take many extra precautions. Parents need to carry out normal nappy care and everything else as usual. During this period, maintaining good hygiene is very important.

A daily bath for 15 to 20 minutes and application of petroleum jelly at the tip of the plastibell ring to prevent it from sticking to the nappy is helpful. The child should not have any problems passing urine in the presence of the platibell ring.

Usually regular pain killer medicine is required for the first two or three days. Most children continue with their normal activities and do not complain of pain. We will provide you with a contact to discuss any concerns following the procedure. However in case of emergency it may be required to refer your child to hospital for further care.

Some swelling and mild redness of the area is normal tissue reaction to surgical trauma. After four to five days the skin at the edge of wound becomes soft and yellowish and may even look like the colour of pus. This is not a sign of infection. Swelling, redness or increasing discomfort/pain may be signs of infection and you should contact us or your GP without any further delay.